Happy Easter!


Hope your weekend is excellent whether you’re celebrating a holiday or not. I’m heading to an Easter party on Saturday to enjoy bunnies and chocolate.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what this season represents lately, namely growth and renewal. It’s time for some new beginnings for me.

The photo is of my naturally dyed Easter eggs, which I talked a lot about on instagram in the last week our so.

Chocolate & More Chocolate

I’m under the impression that chocolate is necessary for every occasion, including It’s-Thursday-Afternoon occasions. So I’m especially happy to see so many chocolate related projects for Easter. I’ve pulled together a few of the most promising looking ones to post.

Chocolate Classics | Red Circle Crafts

1. Chocolate Ganache
2. Hot Fudge Sauce
3. Chocolate Dipped Mandarin Slices

Easter Chocolate Ideas | Red Circle Crafts

1. Chocolate Almond Eggs
2. Not-Cadbury Creme Eggs
3. Chocolate Surprise Eggs

Bunny Candy Pouch

Bunny Candy Pouch | Red Circle Crafts

This super easy tutorial from Mer Mag make a sweet little bunny pouch that you can fill with Easter candy. There’s a free printable pattern and clear instructions.

It was so easy, I may make a few more before Easter arrives.

Easter Party Decorations

I’m celebrating Easter Saturday this year. It’s a little odd I suppose, but it was the day that worked out for most people. I appointed myself to the decorating committee, just because.

The best parties are really about the people that are there with you. So mostly I’m thinking about a little bit of atmosphere and ways to facilitate fun. We may all be adults, but I think none of us are too old to hunt for eggs or do silly things in the name of chocolate.

Easy DIY Streamer Garlands from Oh Happy Day!Oh Happy Day has this really easy DIY to turn regular streamers into a scalloped garland. Honestly, I can’t believe this never occurred to me before.


Naturally Dye Eggs from The KitchnEaster is all about the eggs. I’m pretty OK with that. One of my favorite things has always been dying eggs fantastic colors. As an adult I’m less OK with the chemicals in Easter egg dye, so I’m going to try using colorful foods to naturally dye my eggs this year. The Kitchn has some great recipes that make it seem really easy.


Painted Egg Carton Gift Boxes from Design MomI love these painted egg cartons from Design Mom. I think they’ll be especially adorable filled with chocolate eggs.


DIY Cascarones from The Paper MamaI’m not totally familiar with Cascarones. But the idea of them is delightful. Crack an egg over someone’s head to get the toy or treat out of it and a little confetti to rain down on the crackee. The cascarones from the Paper Mama are especially fun with all that glitter!


All of the photos used in this post belong to their respective, linked sites.

Felt Rain Cloud Mobile and Raindrop Garland Tutorial

Rain Cloud Mobile Tutorial | Red Circle Crafts

This tutorial grew out of my great and abiding love of mobiles and an interest in tormenting my cats by hanging things just out of their reach.

This is a pretty easy project, especially great for a beginner sewer or as a hand sewing project. Felt is pretty easy to work with and hides mistakes well.

What you need:

Rain Cloud Mobile Tutorial | Red Circle Crafts

Sewing machine (optional)
Needle & Thread (I used gray)
3 – 4 Colors of felt (2 sheets for the cloud color, and 1 sheet each of the rest)
Polyester Fiberfill

Rain Cloud Mobile Tutorial | Red Circle Crafts

Step One

Using the printable pattern, cut out 2 pieces of the cloud and 2 pieces of rain for each color raindrop. If you also wish to make the raindrop garlands, cut out as many extra of the raindrops as you’d like. I used 33 raindrops in three garlands.

Rain Cloud Mobile Tutorial | Red Circle Crafts

Step Two

Pin and sew around the edge of the cloud. Back stitch at the beginning and end so it doesn’t come apart when you stuff it. If you are hand sewing, I suggest a running stitch, back stitch, or blanket stitch around the edge.

Leave a small opening unsewn, large enough to get your hand through to stuff all the way into the corners.

Rain Cloud Mobile Tutorial | Red Circle Crafts

Step Three

Stuff the cloud lightly. It makes it easier to sew up on the sewing machine if you push all the stuffing as far from the opening as possible.

Then sew it closed.


Rain Cloud Mobile Tutorial | Red Circle Crafts

Step 4

Sew together, with a blanket stitch, two pieces of rain, leave a small opening in order to add stuffing. Finish sewing it closed, leaving some extra thread to attach to the cloud. Repeat with each color of felt. I have 4 raindrops hanging from my cloud.

Rain Cloud Mobile Tutorial | Red Circle Crafts

Step 5

Attach the thread from the raindrops to the cloud, using a needle, thread your leftover strings through the seam inside the felt edges and tie a double knot. This way your knots are completely hidden.

Rain Cloud Mobile Tutorial | Red Circle Crafts

Step 6

Make a raindrop garland to hang with your mobile. Take the extra raindrops and make three piles, or one for each garland you wish to make. Run the raindrops vertically through the sewing machine one at a time, but without cutting the thread until you reach the end of the pile. I used the longest stitch length. I started at the bottom raindrop and worked my way up, alternating colors and then ran the machine to give me some extra thread to hang it with at the top. A tip: keep pulling the previous raindrop as you start the next, it will keep the threads from bunching up.

Rain Cloud Mobile Tutorial | Red Circle Crafts

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

While I know that people have babies throughout the year, I find that I go to more baby showers in the spring than any other time. While I usually take a peak at the gift registry, I will often make some or all of the gift I give. I try to stick with whatever colors the parents-to-be lean towards in the registry and make something that will hopefully mean more because it’s handmade.

Here are a few tutorials for awesome baby shower gifts.

Tiny Harem Pants by The Allison ShowMy go to for baby shower gifts is usually clothing and a plush toy. I have in fact made these pants from The Allison Show and they are too adorable for words.


Dyed Wooden Blocks from Say YesThese wooden blocks from Say Yes are dyed with food coloring, so they’re non-toxic. You could dye any kind of wooden toys this way. I’ve also seen beeswax covered wooden blocks and toys for a more natural look.


The Perfect Diaper Cover by MadeI’ve made more than one set of these cute diaper covers from Made. I paired them with this incredibly sweet dress for a complete ensemble.


Lucky Star Mobile by One Dog WoofI’m a sucker for a beautiful mobile. There are so many ideas for greats ones, simple to truly complex. This lucky star mobile from One Dog Woof I think falls somewhere in between, but is more time consuming than difficult.


Baby Sleep Bag at Sew Mama SewSew Mama Sew has a huge variety of sewing tutorials available on their website, plus great instructions on tricky sewing techniques. This Baby Sleep Bag tutorial by Fishsticks on the Sew Mama Sew blog is a great example.


All of the photos in this post belong to their respective and linked sites.

Sewing Project: A Baby Towel

Baby Bath Towel | Red Circle Crafts

My good friends are having a baby next month. I’m pretty excited and not just for all the itty bitty baby things I get to make. Although to be fair, I have been turning out a fair number of baby clothes lately. I offered to make anything (within reason) that they wanted for the new baby. I figured if I was going to be making things for the new baby, I ought to at least make things the parents-to-be actually want.

They asked if I would make one of these. The idea is that instead of just a regular towel, it’s an apron/bib to keep the adult somewhat dry that can easily be pulled off to wrap around the baby. The loop that holds it together also functions as a hood for the baby. It’s a pretty simple design, but pretty ingenious.

Baby Bath Towel | Red Circle Crafts Baby Bath Towel | Red Circle Crafts Baby Bath Towel | Red Circle Crafts

It’s really just a piece of terry cloth cut to size and edged in bias tape. If you’d like to make one, here are the dimension that I used.

Baby Bath Towel Dimensions | Red Circle Crafts



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